Scrubbing For Love

You are a squirrel and you just got dumped. A hot chick saved you, but was called away, will you ever be able to find her?

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Help our furry little squirrel find true love in “human form” in a casual game that gets frantic before you know it.
You will find yourself outside a tall sky scrapper with dirty windows. She has to be in one of those floors.

Equip yourself with squeegees, wash cloths, sponges, toothbrushes — whatever it takes to clean those windows and take a peek inside. Use your finger to drag the squirrel to the spot you want cleaned up. Then take a peek inside to see if it’s the girl you are looking for.

The journey won’t be easy. Someone or something does not want you to find her. There will be a mess of objects thrown from the sky. So, you’ll have to protect your head with various head gear. Oh and watch out for the hornets and eagles. But don’t worry, there are many special items, like anti-hornet juice, that will protect you — just be sure to collect as many nuts as you can to trade for them.

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This game is only available on Android.

New Game! Scrubbing For Love

vitapoly : August 2, 2012 12:36 am : Scrubbing For Love

We are rolling out our new game, Scrubbing For Love.

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Not bad. Not bad at all. — Metal Wario

It’s a goofy idea for a games but nice arcade action — Zoraster8276

Fun, funny, and sexy – Erik Mauff

Hot. Very fun app with hot sexy women –Mr Donald898

Cute game. –Rizzo2dgh

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